Steve Mackay

This is the story of one of the most successful delivery people in the industry……this story captures one of his greatest accomplishments in recent history

The Setting:

Inside the Loading Dock, at the back of the building of a Global Fortune 500 company (we’ll call it “Global, Inc”)

Loading Dock Security:  Can we help you?

Stranger: Why yes you can! My name is Moe Petya and I’m here to spread Valentine Cheer!!

Security: How did you get in here? Who are you here to see?

Moe: Well, it’s right here in this email I sent to Shirley Kidding in Accounting. As you can see, I asked if she’d be my valentine.  She clicked on the video link and POOF, here I am.

Security:  Oh My God, said one of the security guards, I got a similar email and clicked on it! I hope you’re not here for me too. That would be awkward…

Moe: Funny, but no.  I’m sure you’ll get a visit as well. It is a popular Holiday!

Security: So welcome Moe. I’m Miles…Miles Moat. And this is Willie Walls, but we call him “Bigs”

Moe:  Great to meet you fellas, and thanks for the warm welcome.

Bigs: Moe, you look familiar, have we met before?

Moe:  Actually, I’ve been in here quite often over the years, but this may be my last visit

Miles: Why’s that?

Moe:  Moving on! You guys know that large Pharma company that Global, Inc is partnered with?  Looks like they want me in there too.  How about you guys? Have been here long at Global?

Miles: Yep, seems like forever for Bigs and I. We are nearing retirement! Apparently, they don’t have much use for Moat and Walls anymore ;-> That’s OK though, as we’re looking forward to letting go and not dealing with all this much longer.

Moe: Well guys, if there’s anything I can do…  ;->

Bigs:  So Moe, who do you work for?

Moe: It’s a National State Agency, kind of like a holding company. You don’t really know who owns or runs it. It’s really just a bunch of guys who started it in a basement with some computers. Really cool though as they’ve grown pretty big and we’re all over the world now – spreading the love wherever we can. And believe it or not, it’s very rewarding.

Moe: Speaking of work, I should get to it.

Miles:  Do you know where you’re going?

Moe:  Oh yes, been there many times. Shirley’s over in accounting

Bigs:  But that’s all the way across the building. You’re gonna have to traverse thru HR/Payroll, Customer Service, Sales, and R&D before getting to Accounting. It’s a long way.

Moe: Oh Fellas, I’m not going the long way…that would be silly!  I’m heading over to AD, they’ve got the direct shot.

Miles: But how do you have access to AD? That’s supposed to be one of our most secure areas?

Moe: No worries, my Aunt Mimi works there. She’s been there for years! Although, I don’t think anyone knows she exists. She goes by Ms. Katz

Bigs:  I think that’s who I got my “Be My Valentine” email from, is she cute?

Moe: Dude, it’s my Aunt…. I can’t answer that. But you probably did get an email from her, she’s very friendly.

Moe:  Anyway guys, I gotta run. I don’t want to get caught sitting around. Lots to do! BTW, congrats on those retirements. I’m jealous, but don’t worry…. I have a sneaky suspicion you won’t have to wait much longer ;->

Miles & Bigs:  Bye Joe. It was great to meet you. Can you do us a favor though? Can you shut the lights off after you leave the area?

Moe: Oh yea, that won’t be a problem guys! ;->

So, Moe went on his merry way over to Active Directory, where he met up with Aunt Mimi. She showed him the fastest route throughout the company and in a just 15 minutes Moe worked his magic and spread Valentine Cheer across the entire organization. Shirley most certainly got her Valentine present and Moe was so successful at his delivery job that he moved on to his new role at the Big Pharma company, and then on to several more companies (Shipping, Manufacturing, Construction, Shipping, Banks, etc.). It was almost as if he was molded to work for each of these organizations.

No question, Moe was the best delivery person ever. He was so good, so fast, you didn’t even know he was there, not even a trace…but one thing was for certain! You knew he had been there, cause he always turned the lights off before he left! ;->

So, where are they now?

Moat & Walls got “early retirement” due to the company shutdown. We think they are near a beach in Florida, but still working to make ends meet.
Aunt Mimi is still there, waiting for Global, Inc to re-open. In the meantime, she’s taken a position at several other companies and continues to help Moe if/where she can.

As for our buddy Moe…alas, we lost track of Moe until just recently when we heard he was starting his own company called “Contagious”. Rumor has it, it’s still in stealth mode, but soon to launch across the globe. He’s supposedly very well-funded by the same guys from his previous firm. Anyway, the tag line for Contagious reads “Even Bigger than Before!”, so we suspect the launch will get a lot of headlines.

If you’d like to hear more about Moe and the gang. Please contact me at  And unlike Moe, we are truly here to help.

Happy Valentine’s Day!