Protect Retail Business from Cyberattacks

Retail organizations have long been favored victims of cybercriminals because the monetary rewards are high. Plus, as more consumers move toward online shopping, threat actors have more opportunity to use tactics such as credit card skimming and social engineering to prey on unsuspecting consumers.

The cyberattack challenges the retail industry faces are daunting:

  • Savvy cybercriminals are adept at attacking businesses during busy times such as Black Friday sales—incurring reputational damage with customers as well as lost revenue.
  • In addition to encrypting files, malicious actors often also threaten to publish stolen customer data, which could lead to legal trouble.
  • Retail is targeted in particular by Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) groups that have honed their skills with constantly evolving, highly efficient toolsets.
  • Attacks target every link in the retail supply chain, from online payment service providers to unwitting consumers.



Estimated economic cost (on the low side) of ransomware attacks on retailers in 2020



The number of online shops that were actively under attack at one time by a 2019 Magecart skimming operation



Cybersecurity workload increase since 2020 for IT teams in retail  


Active Directory is a prime entry point for cyberattacks on retail

As with other industry sectors, Active Directory (the core identity store for 90% of businesses) is a common target for cybercriminals focused on retail businesses. One of the most notorious attacks—the Egregor ransomware attack on Kmart—compromised the giant retail chain’s Active Directory to propagate the ransomware payload to as many systems as possible, as quickly as possible.

Defending Your Retail Business Against Cyberattack

Semperis helps retail businesses prevent, mitigate, and recover from identity system-related breaches—before, during, and after an attack.


Malicious actors target Active Directory because it’s a tried-and-true method of gaining entry into the system—the starting point for lateral movement into the entire network.  


Semperis helps you identify and address security gaps in AD, including configurations that have become less secure over time and evidence of malicious activity.


After breaching the retail company’s system, cybercriminals can lurk for days, weeks, or months before detonating malware—often when the company is most vulnerable, such as busy holiday seasons.


Semperis uncovers signs that attacks are in progress—even attacks that bypass traditional logging solutions—to stop operators in their tracks before revenue and customer trust are lost.


Ransomware attacks can halt retail business operations and often strike when the business is at peak demand—costing revenue, jeopardizing customer satisfaction, and potentially compromising consumer data, which could lead to lawsuits.


Semperis reduces the time to fully recover Active Directory from days or weeks to minutes—accelerating the return of business operations and closing security gaps to prevent a similar attack recurring.

“Everything starts with an ID and password. First thing you need to recover is credentials to do any other type of recovery.”

Kerry Kilker
Former CISO | Walmart

“I love the fact that I can actually be confident about the ability of doing a forest recovery. Never seen a product that does that so quickly, and you can trust that it will work because it’s so easy to test. “

Systems Integrator, $1B+ Retail Organization

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“The latest Egregor ransomware attack on Kmart should be a reminder that Active Directory requires some special attention within your cybersecurity strategy. Protect it fiercely, keeping threat actors out.”

Darren Mar-Elia
VP of Products | Semperis

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