A Better Way

Semperis arose from a need in today’s digital technology-driven culture to detect, recover and restore quickly from compromising and potentially disastrous Active Directory events, both on-premise and in the cloud. We exist to ensure a precise infrastructure integrity so that our customers – Fortune 500 companies, and financial, healthcare, government, and other enterprises worldwide – can do their important work effectively, continuously and confidently, without disruption.

An Adaptive Path

As technology constantly evolves and changes, so Semperis evolves right along with it, guided by deep insights to create the best tools for intelligent application and mitigate the worst scenarios quickly and with orchestrated automation.

Innovative Technology

Semperis combines leading-edge thought, originality and ingenuity into state-of-the-art technologies that provide the ultimate in end-to-end directory services protection. Our patent-pending, essential innovations offer easy deployment, full visibility, surgical precision, granular restores, and quick recovery for change management and disaster recovery.

People First

The true value of the Semperis brand is that we put people first. From our customers and partners, to our culture of engineers and experts, we understand that people are our assets.

Customer Success

Semperis empowers organizations to recover quickly from accidental or intentional changes that compromise Active Directory. Our superior technology and reliable support ensure customer confidence and peace of mind and enable organizations to focus on their core mission. At Semperis, our customers’ operational continuity is the vanguard of success.

Culture at Semperis

World-class thought leaders, distinguished engineers, and top technology experts contribute to the Semperis culture that champions strategic vision, actualized expertise, intelligent and precise solutions, and continuous innovation.