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It’s clear that while COVID-19 is disrupting many aspects of daily life, it’s not slowing down the work of opportunistic attackers. Nothing is off-limits. Not even the most vulnerable including emergency services, hospitals, schools, and local government agencies. Ransomware has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it is far worse than we know – many victims quietly pay off their attackers without ever notifying the authorities. If you follow the money, it finances illegal narcotics, weapons, terrorism, human trafficking, and child exploitation.
At Semperis, we understand that the impact of cyber war reaches far beyond the business arena and into society at large. Our mission is to empower organizations to make the right decision without putting themselves at risk of severe operational disruption and loss of revenue or even being shut down completely. Being able to say “no” to ransom and blackmail demands make us all safer.
Cybersecurity programs, big and small, are on the front lines of a new war that has virtually no boundaries and no rules of engagement. If you think about hospitals that can’t access their systems to save a life, or cities that get held hostage, we have a responsibility to help organizations take back control. That’s what drives us.
Mickey Bresman CEO, Semperis
Active Directory is the ‘Achilles’ heel’ for enterprise security programs. Semperis is offering a timely solution considering that AD has been at the center of many widespread and business-crippling attacks in recent years.
Christina Richmond Program Vice President, Security Services at IDC
Semperis is a mission-driven company uniquely positioned to not only help organizations prevent costly downtime, but also to curb the funding of evil. While COVID-19 is disrupting many aspects of daily living, it’s not slowing down the work of nation-state hackers and cybercriminals. When organizations can say ‘no’ to blackmail and ransom demands, we’re all safer.
Edward Amoroso Founder and CEO at TAG Cyber

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