• Is your organization prepared for an Active Directory disaster?
  • Active Directory recovery with native tools takes too long
  • Active Directory is key to regulation compliance
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Enterprise Identity Protection Starts with Active Directory

img3 “As a public serving company, we are required to support regulation compliance and meet organizational SLA’s of system uptime. When it comes to Active Directory, leveraging the Semperis solutions supported our requirements both for regulation and the uptime. “
Chen Amram, CTO, Head of open systems department, Egged
3 easy steps to recover from Active Directory Disaster
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Active Directory Recovery requires a unique approach

Active Directory is subject to failure due to human error, malicious activity, hacking, viruses and software corruption. Microsoft restoration process includes more than 50 manual steps, making it slow, error- prone and insufficient for Enterprise requirements. · Gartner rates Active Directory as tier “0” infrastructure for line of business applications, while adoption of SaaS applications makes AD uptime even more critical due to ADFS authentication dependency. Semperis automates recovery from AD corruption for maximum business uptime