Comprehensive active directory protection

In a perimeter-less world, identity is the foundation of your security

With the ever-expanding ecosystem of mobile workers, cloud services, and devices, identity is the only control plane left for keeping the bad guys out. At the same time, identity is the primary attack surface. Semperis enables identity-first security, starting with the core of your identity infrastructure: Active Directory on-prem and in the cloud.

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Directory Services Protector

Comprehensive Active Directory and Entra ID threat prevention, detection, and response

Active Directory Forest Recovery

Cyber-first disaster recovery for Active Directory

Lightning Identity Runtime Protection

ML-powered attack pattern detection with an identity risk focus

Disaster Recovery for Entra Tenant

Fast, secure backup and recovery for Entra ID resources

Delegation Manager for AD

Simplified AD delegation management to eliminate excessive privileges

Migrator for Active Directory

Security-first Active Directory migration and consolidation

Purple Knight

Community AD, Entra ID, and Okta cybersecurity assessment tool with 150+ security indicators

Forest Druid

First-of-its-kind community Tier 0 attack path discovery tool for Active Directory environments

Semperis’ Breach Preparedness and Response (BP&R) team

Supported by the world’s foremost identity experts

No vendor or services provider can outmatch Semperis’ collective Microsoft MVP experience in Directory Services and Group Policy. Semperis’ Breach Preparedness and Response (BP&R) team is made up of Microsoft MVPs and former Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) with unrivaled track records of protecting the most sensitive Active Directory environments in the world and deep expertise in on-prem AD, Entra ID, Okta, and other enterprise identity systems.

Breach Preparedness & Response Services

combined years of Microsoft MVP experience


former Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) on staff

Forrester TEI Report: Semperis Slashes Downtime by 90%, Saving Customers Millions

In the event of a ransomware attack, [Semperis] ensures we can easily recover our AD in hours versus weeks or months. … To know that we have a viable alternative when the worst of the worst happens allows us to sleep better at night.

CISO US healthcare organization
Our mission resonates with industry leaders

Our mission resonates with industry leaders

Frost Sullivan

Semperis has unmatched experience in breach preparedness and incident response to Active Directory and other identity-based cyberattacks. Semperis’ solution-based approach focuses not only on their premier technology to meet customer challenges but also best practices and guidance for people and processes, setting them apart from their competitors.

Learn more Sarah Pavlak Frost & Sullivan

Advanced actors are attacking on-premises identity deployments to effect systemic breach and bridge to cloud admin access. Organizations in hybrid Active Directory environments need identity-first security to protect their AD and Azure AD systems from attack. This requires continuous monitoring and assessment of AD and Azure AD security posture to defend against identity-based attacks in partnership with traditional security teams.

Alex Weinert VP of Identity Security, Microsoft
Gen Petraeus

Semperis has a differentiated solution that focuses on securing the databases and domain services that connect users and comprise Active Directory – and are often the primary entry points for attackers. This technology is tackling the universal challenge of identity-based attacks holistically, supported by an incident response team with enormous expertise and experience.

General David Petraeus Semperis Strategic Advisor, U.S. Army (Ret.), former Director of the CIA

Just as healthcare leaders unite to make groundbreaking discoveries for better medical outcomes, we need to take the same collaborative approach to cybersecurity research and innovation for a safer world. Atrium Health seeks out companies building category-defining solutions that benefit the entire healthcare industry. Semperis is widely adopted in the healthcare sector, with a focus on protecting critical and persistently targeted identity systems, like Active Directory and Azure AD.

Todd Greene Vice President & Enterprise CISO, Atrium Health
Kerry Kilker, Walmart

Working at the largest retailer in the world, I was constantly on the cusp of the digital revolution—combating the severe cyber risks it introduced, while still enabling the business to harness its transformative power. As a strategic advisor to Semperis, I’m excited to continue this mission by helping companies in the retail sector and beyond to be more cyber resilient so they can embrace the future, not fear it.

Kerry Kilker Semperis Strategic Advisor, Former CISO Walmart

Active Directory is the ‘Achilles’ heel’ for enterprise security programs. Semperis is offering a timely solution considering that AD has been at the center of many widespread and business-crippling attacks in recent years.

Christina Richmond Program Vice President, Security Services at IDC
Tag Cyber

Semperis is a mission-driven company uniquely positioned to not only help organizations prevent costly downtime, but also to curb the funding of evil. When organizations can say ‘no’ to blackmail and ransom demands, we’re all safer.

Ed Amoroso Founder and CEO at TAG Cyber
Simon Hodgkinson

Enterprises too frequently underestimate the importance of Active Directory security and recovery. Enterprises are learning the hard way that if ransomware takes AD down, the entire business goes down with it. Semperis came to market with solutions and service offerings that dramatically increase the operational resiliency of organizations everywhere, starting with the core identity system, AD. I’m proud to be part of the mission and join the industry’s most skilled collection of AD security experts.

Simon Hodgkinson Former CISO at bp

If Active Directory isn’t secure, nothing is

Over 80% of all breaches involve credential abuse
Over 80% of all breaches involve credential abuse
Systemic weakness make AD a soft target
Systemic weakness make AD a soft target
​Cloud identity stores extend from AD
​Cloud identity stores extend from AD
Zero trust model assumes AD integrity
Zero trust model assumes AD integrity 

You need comprehensive AD defense before, during, and after an attack

Semperis provides comprehensive Active Directory threat prevention, detection, response, and recovery. You get layered defense across the entire lifecycle of an AD-based attack, both on premises and in the cloud.

During the attack:
Post-attack AD defense


  • Scalable continuous monitoring to handle the largest, most complex AD environments in the world
  • Reduce your attack surface through AD modernization 
  • Find and fix your AD security vulnerabilities with on-prem, hybrid, and cloud security indicators
  • Uncover, prioritize, and close AD attack paths leading to your Tier 0 assets
  • Continually monitor your hybrid AD for configuration drift
  • Stay ahead of new threats with frequently updated indicators of exposure (IoEs) and indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  • Get access to Semperis’ dedicated identity threat research team
  • Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND, ANSSI, and other frameworks
  • Meet compliance requirements with out-of-the-box reporting for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR
AD defence During the attack

During the attack:


  • Detect AD attacks at the replication stream that bypass event or log-based monitoring
  • Remove single agent dependency with multi-dimensional monitoring of your hybrid AD
  • ML powered, expert built, live attack pattern detection
  • Enrich SIEM, SOAR, and other SOC tools with real-time AD threat detection
  • Connect threats across hybrid AD environments in a single view, otherwise missed due to siloed data, tools, and teams
  • Auto-rollback malicious changes in AD and Entra ID
  • Take advantage of change tracking and rollback in a single console, with granular rollback support
  • Get comprehensive, all-in-one hybrid AD threat prevention, detection, and response
Pre-attack AD defence


  • Automate the AD forest recovery process and dramatically reduce downtime
  • Improve recovery speed with multiple processes running in parallel from optimized backups
  • Recover clean and malware free by keeping your AD backup separate from the OS
  • Recover AD to any hardware, virtual or physical, and change IP address on the fly
  • Run post-recovery scans to eliminate backdoors and trust the environment again
  • Spin up isolated recovery environments to test and also threat hunt during in-progress attacks
  • Back up and recover Entra ID user, group, and role objects and conditional access policies
  • On-the-fly provisioning, including the ability to import IP address files to accelerate recovery
  • Get 24/7 incident response support from Semperis’ identity security experts

Join our star-studded team

Looking to join our star-studded team?

We’re hiring across all functions globally to best support our expanding customer base.








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What our customers say

What our customers say

You must make sure your critical infrastructures like Active Directory are completely secure and resilient. That was the main reason we acquired Semperis ADFR: We can guarantee that we recover Active Directory far faster than before.

José Alegria Altice Portugal Chief Security Officer
El Al Israel Airlines

Semperis offers superior technology, and their Directory Services Protector is a tremendous asset for any company that uses Active Directory.

Learn more Chen Amran Deputy Director of Infrastructure & Communication, El Al Airlines
Gartner Peer Insights

We have lots of changes happening to our Active Directory environment, adding Linux servers, etc… [Directory Services Protector] helps us monitor and revert dangerous changes with one button click.

Read review IT Team Member, Enterprise Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

The best AD recovery tool in the event of a ransomware attack!

Read review Director of Directories & IAM Solutions, IT Security & Risk Management Enterprise Banking Organization
Amoco Federal Credit Union

Semperis was able to backup and restore AD insanely quickly. During our testing, we were able to back up and restore our Active Directory within 20 minutes to a completely different datacenter with minimal downtime. During a normal backup scenario, that could take 24-36 hours.

Paul Ladd AMOCO Federal Credit Union VP of Information Systems & Technology
Gartner Peer Insights

Semperis DSP and ADFR were a breeze to deploy. The service and guidance we’ve received from the Semperis team has been exceptional.

Read review IT Specialist Enterprise Banking Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

If there’s one thing you need in the case of an Active Directory attack, out of any solution out there, it’s ADFR. With other backup solutions, there’s nothing that can guarantee you’re not reintroducing malware.

Senior Security Manager Global Consulting Firm
World Business

When I saw Semperis ADFR for the first time, it nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes. It is exactly what I hoped for in an AD recovery tool. Over the years, I’ve had numerous concerns about AD forest recovery, and Semperis addresses them all.

Learn more InfoSec Identity and Directory Lead Global Fortune 500 Retailer
Gartner Peer Insights

Active Directory Forest Recovery is a proven recovery solution that works every time.

Read review Lead IAM Engineer, IT Security & Risk Management Enterprise Healthcare & Biotech Company

Directory Services Protector delivers as promised, but the real value of bringing in Semperis was their people and their deep understanding of and insight into AD and AD-based attacks.

Learn more Chief Technology Officer Orthopedic Specialty Medical Practice

HIP 2024 is coming to NOLA!

Semperis’ award-winning Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference for identity-first security practitioners will take place on November 13-14, 2024 at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Industry awards and recognition

Industry awards and recognition


“Cybersecurity programs, big and small, are on the front lines of a new war that has virtually no boundaries and no rules of engagement. If you think about hospitals that can’t access their systems to save a life, or cities that get held hostage, we have a responsibility to help organizations take back control. That’s what drives us.” – Mickey Bresman | Semperis CEO

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