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Digitally transformed enterprises leverage multiple cloud applications and a mobile workforce to achieve higher productivity. Vulnerabilities through scattered hybrid identities extended from the Active Directory, the rise of ransomware and wiper attacks all present critical challenges.

Blind spots in Active Directory audit trail

Log-based auditing solutions fail when an adversary stops the auditing agent prior to making changes to the directory. Reliable multi-source detection and understanding of critical security changes (who, what, where, when, why) become tremendously powerful when combined with remediation capabilities.

Catastrophic Active Directory Disaster

Active Directory disasters take many forms, including ransomware and wiper attacks, IT mistakes and rogue employees.A disaster recovery solution must provide a fully automated recovery from a completely destroyed Active Directory, while avoiding malware re-introduction during the recovery process.

Lengthy Granular Recovery of Active Directory Objects

Lengthy restoration processes for Active Directory objects and attributes are costly. Backup to file tools lead to data gaps in between the backups and require a time consuming manual recovery process. Having separate tools for knowing what took place and reverting it, limit remediation capabilities.
Shortening the recovery time of the entire AD forest by


World-Class Expertise combined with Patent- Pending Technology

Our Proven Methodology

Semperis combines world-class expertise and patent-pending, leading-edge technology to deliver identity-driven enterprise protection. Our customer-vetted technology, trusted around the globe, empowers clients and ensures the integrity and continuity of their digital infrastructure and operations. Semperis’ directory services protection platform provides a fully orchestrated Active Directory Disaster Recovery, total visibility into directory services modifications, granular restores and a speedy remediation of Active Directory.

Guy and the Semperis team were there to help us and support during the recovery process. Even though the solution is simple to use, it was reassuring to know that we received the highest level of tech support and Semperis’ full attention during our crisis.

Ben Lotan

Security Architecture Team Leader, Information Security & Cyber Department

Isracard (Mastercard Group)

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