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The World’s Biggest Brands Trust Semperis

We protect the largest and most complex Active Directory environments—Global 2000 companies and government agencies—from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors.

Customers rally behind our mission to be a force for good

Semperis is proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive lifecycle defense technology for on-prem Active Directory and Azure AD, all supported by a team of identity security experts. Ultimately, our mission is to help customers avoid disruptive cyberattacks and be resilient so they can say no to ransom demands. We’re among the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world because customers appreciate the peace of mind and rally behind our mission to be a force for good.


largest company in the world by revenue


largest health system in the U.S.


largest global consulting firms


most valuable company in the world by market cap

Semperis has a differentiated solution that focuses on securing the databases and domain services that connect users and comprise Active Directory – and are often the primary entry points for attackers. This technology is tackling the universal challenge of identity-based attacks holistically, supported by an incident response team with enormous expertise and experience.

General David Petraeus Semperis Strategic Advisor, U.S. Army (Ret.), former Director of the CIA

Just as healthcare leaders unite to make groundbreaking discoveries for better medical outcomes, we need to take the same collaborative approach to cybersecurity research and innovation for a safer world. Atrium Health seeks out companies building category-defining solutions that benefit the entire healthcare industry. Semperis is widely adopted in the healthcare sector, with a focus on protecting critical and persistently targeted identity systems, like Active Directory and Azure AD.

Todd Greene Vice President & Enterprise CISO, Atrium Health

Working at the largest retailer in the world, I was constantly on the cusp of the digital revolution—combating the severe cyber risks it introduced, while still enabling the business to harness its transformative power. As a strategic advisor to Semperis, I’m excited to continue this mission by helping companies in the retail sector and beyond to be more cyber resilient so they can embrace the future, not fear it.

Kerry Kilker Semperis Strategic Advisor, Former CISO Walmart
Prime Healthcare logo

Having ADFR at the center of our disaster recovery plan put our mind at ease because now we know that if an incident happens again that takes out the DCs, we have a direct course of action.

Learn more David Yancey Prime Healthcare Senior Systems Engineer
Amoco Federal Credit Union

Semperis was able to backup and restore AD insanely quickly. During our testing, we were able to back up and restore our Active Directory within 20 minutes to a completely different datacenter with minimal downtime. During a normal backup scenario, that could take 24-36 hours.

Paul Ladd AMOCO Federal Credit Union VP of Information Systems & Technology
El Al Israel Airlines

Semperis offers superior technology, and their Directory Services Protector is a tremendous asset for any company that uses Active Directory.

Learn more Chen Amran Deputy Director of Infrastructure & Communication, El Al Airlines
Gartner Peer Insights

We have lots of changes happening to our Active Directory environment, adding Linux servers, etc… [Directory Services Protector] helps us monitor and revert dangerous changes with one button click.

Read review IT Team Member, Enterprise Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

The best AD recovery tool in the event of a ransomware attack!

Read review Director of Directories & IAM Solutions, IT Security & Risk Management Enterprise Banking Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

ADFR allows us to run Disaster Recovery tests of our Active Directory environment, in an isolated lab and verify that we could recover from a disaster where we totally lost Active Directory. Peace of mind is worth gold!

Read review Windows Server Administrator Enterprise Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

Directory Services Protector is exceptional with reporting, real-time monitoring and remediation, active reporting and instant notifications when objects are modified or changed.

Read review Senior Windows Systems Administrator Enterprise Organization
Gartner Peer Insights

Semperis ADFR just gets it done! We went from legacy recovery products full of bugs and manual 20+ page long documents for manual recovery to push a button with ADFR. If you are ready, you click a button, that’s it. It works. Put the 18-pager down, stop dealing with that UI that crashes and check out ADFR. It works.

Read review Server Engineer Enterprise Energy & Utilities Organization

Today is the first day I’ve used Forest Druid and I’m very impressed. I’ve never found time to learn Bloodhound, so I really appreciate that I just had to run the tool and then click around the GUI to start finding issues.

SOC Engineer Retail & Packaged Goods Company

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