Accelerate Active Directory Breach Forensics

Quickly conduct post-breach forensics to eradicate malware following an AD-related cyberattack.

Eradicate the threat following an AD attack

In the aftermath of a cyber disaster, finding the source of the attack is a tedious undertaking that requires sifting through masses of data—all while adversaries could be preparing a follow-on assault. Conducting post-attack forensics analysis is a critical part of a comprehensive incident response strategy. Without thoroughly scanning the environment for any remaining trace of post-attack persistence, your organization is in danger of reintroducing infection, which prolongs the business disruption. Comprehensive post-breach forensics analysis helps you:

  • Find evidence of attacks—indicators of compromise (IOCs)—to determine whether an attack was in progress when the backup snapshot was taken, increasing the risk of reintroducing malware.
  • Assess the AD environment for current intrusions within a specified attack window.
  • Find and remediate indicators of Exposure (IOEs) before you bring the environment online post-attack.
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Reduce risk of reintroducing malware post-attack

Following an attack, organizations are understandably anxious to return to normal business operations as quickly as possible. But without conducting thorough post-breach analysis, you’re at risk of a follow-on attack. Semperis’ post-breach forensics analysis capabilities help you accelerate incident response so you can recover your AD to a known-secure environment following a breach.


Scan the AD environment for risky configurations and vulnerabilities.


Use prioritized guidance from Semperis AD experts to close security gaps.


Restore AD to a clean, malware-free environment.

Uncover weaknesses before restoring AD

Because malware can lurk undetected in an environment, eradicating all traces of the threat is imperative following a breach. Some of the weaknesses that post-breach analysis can uncover include:

  • Computers configured with unconstrained delegation—a valued target for attackers
  • Various risky permissions configured at the domain level
  • Administrative accounts with old passwords
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The best AD recovery tool in the event of a ransomware attack!

Read review Director of Directories & IAM Solutions, IT Security & Risk Management Enterprise Banking Organization

Directory Services Protector delivers as promised, but the real value of bringing in Semperis was their people and their deep understanding of and insight into AD and AD-based attacks.

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With ADFR, I knew I wouldn’t have to go through hours and hours of clicking through procedures and potentially reintroducing malware. Being able to leverage ADFR in the first three hours of the incident response saved me probably two to three weeks.

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Frequently asked questions about breach forensics

Why do I need to conduct post-breach forensics analysis after an attack?

Without conducting post-breach forensics before you recover AD to the production environment, you’re putting your organization at risk of a follow-on attack that potentially uses the same tactics that succeeded the first time. While the immediate desire was to get back to
operational mode as quickly as possible, the emphasis of the next immediate stage should always be on fully recovering operations. This means making sure the business is not vulnerable to repeated
attacks that exploit the same weaknesses that were successful the first time.

What types of problems can be uncovered with breach forensics?

Following a security incident that adversely impacts AD, the first crucial recovery step is investigating whether malicious intent and intelligence were behind the incident, constituting an attack. By analyzing the AD replication data and corresponding event logs, you can determine whether an attack is underway, unroll the chain of events, and assess the impact on the environment. This analysis is the basis for effective containment of an attack and helps identify the best course of action for fully eradicating the threat from the AD environment.

Eradicate malware following an AD attack

Ensure your post-breach recovery plan includes forensics analysis and remediation to prevent follow-on attacks.

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