Be a Force for Good

Semperis puts people first.

From our customers and partners, to our engineers and experts, people are our most precious asset. We believe our success is led by teamwork, diversity, respect, personal and professional development, and fulfilling career paths.

Our talented employees contribute to the Semperis culture, championing integrity alongside innovative solutions. With teams in the USA, Canada, Israel, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, you’ll be working alongside top tech security experts from around the world. We don’t see things like gender, age, or culture; we see valued employees, colleagues, and friends.

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Our Shared Values

From tropic to metropolis, Semperians across the globe share more than just a mission to thwart cyberattacks. We share more than our passion for protecting Active Directory, a company’s keys to the kingdom. We also share — and live — these company values:

We're always growing.

As fast-growing company leading an expanding market, we strive for innovation and excellence. We also enjoy opportunities to explore other interests, both professional and personal. We try new things, share some laughs, and iterate based on lessons learned. Come grow your talent with us.

We're driven with purpose.

Committed to securing organizational information, our force for good impacts countless millions globally. We help companies recover from cyberattacks, but also prevent the loss of sensitive data. Integrity is in our products and business relationships as we work to make the world a better place — at work or outside of it.

We've got years of experience.

We work alongside the sharpest people — who are also very approachable. With a combined Microsoft MVP experience totaling over 100 years, we rely on, and learn from, seasoned experts. Best of all, we share our knowledge with the community, like with our free assessment tool, Purple Knight.

We cultivate collaboration.

We listen. We have open conversations. We know our voices are heard. We foster a safe and pleasant atmosphere that boosts confidence and ingenuity. We're comfortable expressing ourselves (and our most creative ideas) freely, actively participating in shared goals and our mission to do good.

We balance work with life.

Sure, we appreciate being part of a purpose-driven company. But we also appreciate quality of life. We encourage balance and satisfaction, taking ownership of our careers while making time for myriad other aspects of life. Simply put, we trust our people to get the job done and make the magic happen.

We see unlimited potential.

Protecting identities is a responsibility that we take seriously, upholding the trust of the industry leaders we serve. With ever-increasing cyberthreats, we see unlimited potential in the growth of our unique technology, our resourcefulness, and our employees. We see the potential in you, too.


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“Work-life balance” isn’t just a saying here; it’s a practice. We take a culture-first approach, creating an enjoyable environment for our most important area of business: our employees.

What’s it like working with us? Here’s a glimpse of everyday Semperians at work, at play, and celebrating special events together.


Our Teams
What’s your passion?

We’re all about teamwork, and we’d love your input! Which of these teams is the right fit for you?

Customer Success

Customer Success helps our clients meet their business and operational goals with Semperis products. The CS department owns every aspect of a customer's journey, from onboarding, to optimization, to product feedback loops. Within Customer Success sits our Technical Delivery department; this consists of solution architects, support engineers, and breach responders. These industry experts have deep knowledge of, and extensive hands-on experience with, Active Directory.


Working hard to deliver products on time and with thorough testing, Engineering is responsible for the development, QA, and maintenance of Semperis products. With an emphasis on code quality, these technical masterminds constantly research and adopt new technologies, introducing new solutions with the assurance of a stable product release. Protecting identities and directories is hard work, so the team makes time for fun with regular happy hours, whether in-person or via video.


Finance, as you might guess, oversees our financial planning, management, and reporting. This team is responsible not just for budgets and payments, but also for forecasting and compliance. We rely on these monetary gurus to coordinate income and expenditure, ensuring the adequate and timely provisioning of funds for our business operations. They handle transactions (with a smile!) so that our other departments can focus on product and business development.

Human Resources

Responsible for effectively managing the company's human capital, Human Resources is focused on employee growth — both in terms of company size and in terms of professional development. From recruiting and onboarding, to compensation and benefits, to employee branding and policies, these people-oriented specialists concentrate on retention and powering the company's engine: our staff. They coordinate the fun committee too, so we're definitely in good spirits.


Content, events, social media, online marketing, press relations, media and performance, revenue operations, field marketing, product marketing. These are just a few of the hats our adroit Marketers wear across demand-generation activities. Whether they're creating videos and podcasts, publishing webpages or crafting event experiences, blasting out emails or supporting Sales initiatives, Marketing collaborates across the organization so that we have our best face forward.


Operations ensures that things go according to plan. On time. Aiming to thrive for improvement, this department adheres to: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” They love KPIs! Heavily involved in production processes and technology purchases, they make sure that departments are in-sync, in compliance, and primed for success. Team requirements include having a favorite drink, enjoying good food, or revealing a unique hobby.


Directing product direction and defining requirements is no easy feat, but our Product team is up for a challenge. Composed of subject matter experts in identity security and recovery technologies, they collaborate with Engineering to develop scalable customer solutions. They not only document release features, but also the user experience and UI elements of each feature. This meticulously detailed team also make sure that our products are well documented for customer support.


Sales builds strategic partnerships with prospects, customers, and partners. Aiming to offer the best customer experience possible, this team sets high expectations in an inclusive sales culture that celebrates team successes and those who played a part in that success. In their outlook, nothing is impossible. Collaborative, transparent, and bold, they invite you with this: "All aboard the bullet train! We're moving fast, growing faster, and our destination is world-class results."

Semperis Named to Inc. Best Workplaces for 2022

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Did we mention we're an award-winning company? We may not be Olympiads (yet), but we go for the gold.