Semperians in the community

Force For Good

Whether in local neighborhoods or at corporate events, our employees are encouraged to do good and be better. We pursue personal interests that make an impact in our communities, and we come together as a company to give back to both the places we love and the places we visit. Exemplifying a #ForceForGood is a tenet of our core principles.

When Space Camp calls, you go!

Dallas Volunteers at Semperis

In and out of the workplace, we come together for good.

We have fun outings, but it doesn’t always look like happy hours or games. We also get together for food drives, book drives, beach cleanups, and other activities to make sure we practice what we preach.

What it means to be mission driven

“Force for Good” is woven into who we are.

Semperis goes beyond our products to leave a positive impact in cities around the world. True, we offer community tools to promote cybersecurity; and we value technology’s role in keeping people safe. But we also like to see Semperians in the wild, showing us their altruistic colors to build stronger, more vibrant communities. We lead by example, hoping to inspire others who follow. And our shared mission extends across myriad aspects of how we operate.

From our community tools

Our seasoned experts built Purple Knight & Forest Druid — free tools to help the community identify (and prioritized fixes for) vulnerabilities in Active Directory, Entra ID, and Okta.

To the partnerships we forge

We support our partners doing good too. That might mean sponsoring fundraisers to benefit the American Cancer Society or homeowners who could use a hand with upkeep for safety.

To promoting gender equality

There’s not enough girlpower in tech, and even less in cybersecurity. So we sponsor conferences for both. Because women like —and can do— workshops and hackathons too.

To the sytems we use

Even our social advocacy platform promotes social good, planting trees as Semperians engage with each other internally and share our message across platforms externally.

To promoting learning

Knowledge is power, so we’ve done book drives and youth camps. We’ve run crash courses on cybersecurity and offered internships. We empower others through education.

To promoting inclusivity

We celebrate diversity. Guest speakers, historical tidbits, and educational quizzes remind us to stay open to new ideas.

What does being a Force for Good mean to Semperians?

We’re proud to support Semperians in the community. We could tell you that we strive to create positive change, but they can say it better. Even our virtual Semperians are a part of our Force for Good.

I love our mission to be a “Force For Good” and encouraging employees to give back. I volunteer at Henry’s Home, a sanctuary for horses that also provides therapeutic programs for Veterans and First Responders. It’s heartwarming that colleagues have been able to join me.

Claire Lowde Customer Success

When we do these projects, I’m always looking for volunteers. People step forward because they want to help. People want to be involved; people want to give back to the community.

Zvi Greenblatt Business Development

On International Women’s Day, I pledged to ask why women aren’t present, call out discrimination, and take action if I witness inequitable treatment. And beyond Women’s Day, this is something I’ll do year-round. Because gender parity is something we can all work towards, together.

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