Yarden Gur

This month marked two milestones for Semperis. First, Deloitte recognized the company as one of the 100 fastest growing technology companies in North America and (for the third consecutive year) one of the top 10 fastest-growing tech companies in the greater New York area. Then, the company was listed for the second year as one of the top 20 high-tech startup companies to work for in the Duns 100 rankings. With the persistence of recent cybersecurity talent shortages, we’re thankful for the dedicated team that makes awards like these possible.

Empowering work lives

Sharp minds are attracted to organizations that provide more than just competitive wages. Employees value employer fairness, empowering work relationships, and personal development.

“I feel significant,” says one employee. “My voice is heard, and I have an impact on the bigger picture.”

To meet these needs for our team members, Semperis strives to provide a safe work environment for all members of our global team. Our open-door policy encourages creativity and innovation. We encourage frequent one-on-one communication between managers and employees, whether working remotely on in the office and advocate for sensitivity and support among team members.

“It’s a safe environment to grow your talent,” notes a Semperian in our Israeli office. “There’s room for mistakes; we learn from them.”

Finding a healthy work/life balance

We also encourage a healthy work/life balance. Many team members work remotely, and our Tel Aviv office follows a hybrid model, with three days in the office and two from home. We trust our team members to manage their time wisely—and the positive results of this trust and employees’ dedicated work are evident in Semperis’ multiple “best of” awards.

“I have a very high level of freedom and creativity in my role, and I love it,” a staff member recently told us. “I’m responsible for my assignments to be completed. Nobody’s looking over my shoulder.”

Flexible hours are available for those who want to be home after school hours, and employees’ children enjoy visits to the office—a “dog-friendly” space stocked with a healthy kitchen and regular social gatherings. We also encourage staff to take half-hour “walking breaks” for fresh air and optimal health.

“We foster quality of life and good culture,” says one of our Semperians. “We respect weekends and holidays—and that comes from leadership.”

Maintaining personal bonds is important for strengthening our global team as well. From regular virtual and physical team meetings to virtual “coffee breaks” that pair employees in different locations for conversation and the beverage of their choice to fun contests and events, we encourage team members to get to know and support one another and make the workday more enjoyable.

Supporting our global communities

Semperis has also been recognized as a startup that values community contribution, thanks to our core mission to be a Force for Good.  The company encourages both individual and group volunteering.

This year, we founded our flagship Good Semperian volunteering project, which encourages employees to share their “wildest” ideas for doing good in the world. We also organize volunteer days to support employee initiatives.

“We’re doing something that matters, that makes a difference,” notes one of our volunteers.

Good Semperian volunteer initiatives are built around specific employee knowledge, with the employee leading the course of action. For example, we worked with Business Development Representative and astronomist Zvi Greenblatt to host an astronomy evening for the visually impaired. Zvi provided a 3D map and printed moon models and worked with his Semperis colleagues to teach children with visual impairments about the wonders of astronomy. We’re excited to see the future initiatives our Semperians dream up!

We also encourage team members to suggest opportunities for group volunteering, for which Semperis provides strategy and supplies. Two recent volunteering days in Israel saw Semperians pitching in at Pitchon Lev, a nonprofit organization working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. A group of 20 volunteers spent these days packaging groceries for distribution to those in need.

From a professional perspective, Semperis encourages managers to participate in mentoring programs. Our Human Resources team works tirelessly to expand our team and support job seekers, an especially important service in tough economic times. Semperis is also in the process of launching a tree-planting initiative to help offset our carbon footprint in support of our ESG commitments.

Embodying cybersecurity excellence

Recognition in rankings like the Duns 100 is a seal of quality for our company and management. Building a positive, fulfilling work environment is important to us, and we’re thrilled that our work towards that goal is successful. Thank you, Semperians, for all you do!

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