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The digital identities of modern enterprises exist in a dynamic environment. Read thought leadership from experts worldwide regarding the constantly changing global IT environment and insights for keeping up with growing demands, and securing against escalating threats and vulnerabilities.

Azure AD Connect: the staging server

Microsoft continues to work on a sore spot in its hybrid identity strategy: The challenge of deploying its identity bridge between Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on premises and Azure Active Directory in the cloud. This bridge consists of AD FS for federation and a succession of utilities, culminating in Azure AD Connect, for … Read More

Vulnerability in Kerberos Allows Elevation of Privilege

Recently, Microsoft has released a security update (MS14-068) for Windows Server. The patched vulnerability is in the Windows Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC), which generates the session tickets to identities within Active Directory while accessing the Domain’s resources. When clients request access to a resource, they contact the ticket-granting service in the target resource domain, … Read More