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The digital identities of modern enterprises exist in a dynamic environment. Read thought leadership from experts worldwide regarding the constantly changing global IT environment and insights for keeping up with growing demands, and securing against escalating threats and vulnerabilities.

Semperis Data Services Protector

Take Back the Keys to Your Kingdom With the Latest Release of Semperis Directory Services Protector

Active Directory is foundational to everything you do and the #1 new target for attackers. Since it wasn’t originally built with today’s threats in mind, Active Directory is riddled with inherent soft spots and risky configurations that attackers are readily taking advantage of.  We, here at Semperis, are excited to announce a new release of Directory Services Protector (DS Protector) and the powerful features it includes to detect dangerous vulnerabilities, intercept attacks in progress, and immediately … Read More

Semperis introduces tools to improve security resiliency of Windows Active Directory

Semperis introduces tools to improve security resiliency of Windows Active Directory

Ransomware continues to endure as a highly lucrative criminal enterprise. Ransomware hacking groups extorted at least $144.35 million from U.S. organizations between January 2013 and July 2019. That’s the precise figure recently disclosed by the FBI — the true damage is almost certainly a lot steeper, given only a portion of cyber crimes ever get reported to … Read More

Semperis COVID-19 Update

Semperis COVID-19 Update

Last Update March 18, 2020 This post provides information about steps Semperis is taking in response to the COVID-19 crisis. These actions are designed to ensure uninterrupted service to our customers while protecting the health and welfare of our team members and the communities where we live and work. We would also like to take … Read More

5 reason to visit Semperis at Microsoft Ignite

The tech conference Microsoft Ignite is right around the corner. If you’re attending the conference this September 24th-28th in Orlando, you’re most likely starting to build out your schedule thinking about which sessions to attend and which booths to visit. Whether you’re an enterprise developer, IT implementer, IT decision maker, or data professional, Microsoft Ignite … Read More

Kerberos at the Company Party

Back in 1999, I wrote a book on Windows 2000 Server in general, and Active Directory in particular. I try not to look back at what I wrote about AD back then compared to what I know now, but I remain fond of a passage that explained how the Kerberos security protocol works – using … Read More

How Do I Protect Against Ransomware?

Guest column by Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic. “Ransomware” is on the rise using “targeted phishing attacks” and is being used for financial blackmail and poison or corrupt data. No one is excluded from these threats and no company or individual is too small to be a target. Ransomware has become such a … Read More

5 Security Policies Every CISO Must Enforce Now

Guest column by Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic. Chief Information Security Officers, CISOs, bear some of the heftiest weights on their shoulders of anyone in an organization. Single-handedly, depending on their security policies and the enforcement of them, they can be responsible for the success or downfall of an entire company. It is, … Read More