How to Build a Strong ITDR Strategy

By Sean Deuby January 17, 2023 | Active Directory

How do you begin to build a strong Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) strategy? It begins with an understanding of your unique identity environment, says Maarten Goet, Director for Cybersecurity at Wortell and an expert in Microsoft technologies and communities.

“The top identity security concern is [organizations] typically don’t know where they’re standing today,” Maarten told me. “They have no clear insights into who has what rights, what systems are in place, how things are connected or disconnected…. Just understanding where they are and where they need to move next to step up security is the first concern.”

Your ITDR strategy is key

Maarten spoke with me on the HIP Podcast, where we discussed Microsoft security products, today’s top identity security concerns, and the importance of building a blueprint for ITDR for hybrid environments.

“You’re probably on the intersection of some hybrid world and configuration, so you might configure one thing in the cloud, but how does that relate or not help you protect on-prem?” Maarten asks. “Figuring out a strategy that works across your whole environment, whether its office environment, but even nowadays industrial environments, matters quite a bit. Technology is one piece of the puzzle; you also need to make sure that processes are in place, that people are trained, and that you’re keeping up with priorities … the security space is changing quite a bit.”

Listen to Maarten Goet discuss important points to consider when building your ITDR strategy.

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Learn more about building an ITDR strategy

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