Protect Your Active Directory

If Active Directory isn’t secure, nothing is.

With the ever-expanding ecosystem of mobile workers, cloud services, and devices, identity is the only remaining control plane for keeping the bad guys out. And identity-centric security relies on the integrity of Active Directory to be effective. Semperis protects the heart of your identity infrastructure so you can go forth boldly into the digital future.


For 90% of enterprises, Active Directory is the primary source of trust for identity and access. But it’s also the cyber kill chain’s weakest link – exploited in virtually every modern attack. And since Active Directory extends to the cloud, any tampering of it will cause a ripple effect across the entire identity infrastructure.

  • Today, most ransomware attacks pivot off of manipulating the identities managed and controlled, at some level, by Active Directory.
  • 90%+ of all organizations use Active Directory for employee authentication, identity management, and access control.
  • Not surprisingly, Active Directory has become a prime target for attackers seeking to obtain administrator access.
  • Active Directory is a soft target for attackers because its default configuration is easy to exploit, and the system is rarely properly secured.
  • When Active Directory is compromised, you must assume that all resources that depend on it have also been compromised.

Semperis can help you with in-depth defence across the full attack continuum—before, during, and after an attack.

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Directory Services Protector (DSP)

We have the industry’s most comprehensive Active Directory threat detection and response platform, DSP.

Discover vulnerabilities and risky configurations in your AD before attackers do. Get prioritized, action-oriented guidance from a community of security threat researchers. Reduce your attack surface and stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.


Stop attackers from gaining access to AD          Capture AD changes that bypass security logs        Automatically remediate malicious changes


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Active Directory is the 'Achilles' heel' for enterprise security programs. Semperis is offering a timely solution considering that AD has been at the center of many widespread and business-crippling attacks in recent years.

Christina Richmond
Program Vice President, Security Services at IDC

Active Directory Forest Recovery

Cyber-first disaster recovery for Active Directory.

Recover an entire Active Directory forest with just a few clicks. Automate every aspect of forest recovery, such as cleaning up metadata, rebuilding the Global Catalogue, and restructuring site topology. Avoid human errors and reduce downtime to minutes instead of days or even weeks. Avert costly business interruption. Be a hero.


     Cyber-first                                                                                          Simple & Powerful                                                                                           Cost-effective


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Everything starts with an ID and password. First thing you need to recover is credentials to do any other type of recovery.

Kerry Kilker
Former CISO | Walmart