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The Do’s and Don’ts of AD Recovery

The Dos and Don’ts of AD Recovery

Last month I was able to catch up with my long-time friend Guido Grillenmeier, who is currently Chief Technologist at DXC Technology. In 2007-2008, Guido and I worked together, developing and delivering the “Active Directory Masters of Disaster” disaster recovery workshops at the Directory Experts Conference. It was, at the time, the only place IT … Read More

How To Prepare For Cyberwar: It Starts With Identity

Cyberattacks are rapidly evolving in sophistication and scale. The line between the digital and the physical realm has become more blurred. Foreign cyberattackers have used destructive malware to erase data from hard drives and made moves to infiltrate industrial systems. They could make equally damaging moves in the future, given recent political events and verbal threats. Anyone in … Read More

Hypervisor DC Snapshots Are No Substitute for Proper Active Directory Backups

Hypervisor DC Snapshots Are No Substitute for Proper Active Directory Backups

Most organizations have virtualized some or all their AD domain controllers. Virtualized DCs have their advantages, but they also introduce risks that didn’t exist with physical servers. One of these risks is the temptation to use hypervisor snapshots (a point-in-time VM image) for AD backups.   Don’t.  Let’s be clear: even though Microsoft supports hypervisor snapshot restores since Windows Server 2012 – i.e. they won’t break AD as they could in previous OS versions – they’re still not recommendedi. And they’re especially not recommended for forest disaster recovery scenarios.  … Read More

Cyber Scenarios Expose Shortcomings of BMR

Ransomware and wiper attacks are causing organizations to re-evaluate their backup and recovery capabilities. An obvious concern is whether backups are safe – for example, are they offline where they can’t be encrypted or wiped. While this is a good first step, it’s just that. We also need to evaluate whether the backup and recovery … Read More

NSA sounds the alarm on BlueKeep

NSA Sounds the Alarm on BlueKeep

July 29, 2019 Update: With over 800,000 Windows systems still unpatched and vulnerable (as of July 2), concern over BlueKeep remains high, especially after a detailed guide on how to write an exploit was posted online last week.  Other indications that the vulnerability is not going unnoticed include publication of an exploit and discovery of … Read More

A Valentine’s Day Premonition

This is the story of one of the most successful delivery people in the industry……this story captures one of his greatest accomplishments in recent history The Setting: Inside the Loading Dock, at the back of the building of a Global Fortune 500 company (we’ll call it “Global, Inc”) Loading Dock Security:  Can we help you? … Read More