Understanding and Protecting Kerberos – The Soft Underbelly of Cybersecurity

Elad Shamir

Director of Breach Response and Preparedness | Semperis

Sean Deuby

Director of Services | Semperis

About this webinar

Recorded January 25, 2022 | 60 mins

With the advent of Active Directory more than 20 years ago, the Kerberos protocol was a game-changer in terms of security, unification, and moving AD into the realm of identity management. But times have changed. Newer and more sophisticated attack methods and the move to the cloud have left Kerberos as a highly vulnerable aspect of your fundamental hybrid identity story.

In this session, Elad Shamir, director of breach preparedness and response at Semperis will help you learn:

– The basics of how Kerberos works

– How to combat Kerberoasting attacks

– Mitigating Silver Ticket and Golden Ticket attacks

– The dangers and remedies of Kerberos unconstrained delegation and authentication coercion

Learn how you can protect yourself from the relentless attacks on your Active Directory!

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