Ransomware attacks have reportedly declined this year. But don’t start celebrating just yet. “Gang models are evolving,” notes my colleague, Alexandra (Alix) Weaver, Semperis Solutions Architect. “I caution everyone: Do not let your guard down.” Part of the changing trend, Alix says, might be attributed to an increase in the popularity of ransomware as a service (RaaS).

Alix and I recently spoke about RaaS and ransomware trends in an episode of the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Podcast. Why is RaaS gaining in popularity? Many cyberattackers see RaaS as a less risky and expensive way to launch attacks. In addition, many ransomware groups are restructuring and evolving to produce RaaS services and attacks.

Ransomware as a service: Tricks and trends

Who are RaaS attackers targeting? How are their attacks changing? And what can your organization do to fight back? Listen to this HIP Podcast episode for more insights.


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Learn more about ransomware as a service

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