Detect Possible Ransomware and Blackmail Attacks Before They Strike

Gil Kirkpatrick

Chief Architect | Semperis

Today’s ransomware attacks are growing in sophistication, enabling cybercriminals to focus on critical targets like state and local governments and services. Once bad actors make their way into your network, they move strategically to gain access to Active Directory—the “keys to the kingdom”—without setting off alarms.

These types of attacks can be avoided, detected, or halted with tools that recognize early signs of trouble. These powerful solutions scan for risk indicators that point to potential exposure or compromise, notifying users of critical vulnerabilities.

Join Semperis Chief Architect, Gil Kirkpatrick, to talk about how state and local governments can best protect themselves in this evolving threat landscape.

Get insights into:

  • Emerging attack trends
  • How to detect potential vulnerabilities
  • Actionable steps to mitigate risk

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