Darren Mar-Elia | VP of Products

One of the most tedious—but important—Active Directory administration tasks is assigning permissions to various people in the organization so they can access the objects and properties they need to do their work. The problem is that AD has a granular security model that can be cumbersome to manage, and failing to adhere to a strong security model for access management can have bad consequences. Malicious actors have countless ways to breach identity systems by taking advantage of lax security settings on accounts with excessive privileges, then using that access to move laterally throughout the organization’s network and potentially gain control of the system.

Delegation Manager—new from Semperis—helps IT ops teams consistently and securely manage AD access, saving time in enforcing a solid permissions policy to close security gaps that cyberattackers routinely exploit. Delegation Manager puts a layer of role-based access control (RBAC) on top of AD, so you can grant specific permissions to groups without giving them more access than they need.

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Delegation Manager benefits organizations in two important ways: First, it speeds attack remediation efforts because it ensures that you can provide the permissions defenders need and apply them to prevent drift. Second, Delegation Manager minimizes the cleanup effort to remove excessive privileges, helping to prevent permission creep.

Delegation Manager saves time and improves security by simplifying policy management, access management, and security automation:

  • Policy management
    • Creating and applying policies
    • Reinforcing policy compliance by seamlessly re-applying directory security
  • Access management
    • Simplifying who has access to what with the built-in policy creation wizard
    • Importing existing delegation permissions
    • Tracking policy application within the directory tree through Delegation Manager’s UI
  • Security automation
    • Using PowerShell cmdlets to add directory security policies to automation scrips
    • Quickly identifying users with directory permissions

Semperis Delegation Manager screenshot
Delegation Manager helps IT and security teams securely manage Active Directory permissions to avoid privilege escalation

Built by Semperis’ team of AD security experts, who are familiar with the challenges of enforcing AD security policies, Delegation Manager helps IT and security teams guard against permission sprawl, which is a persistent problem for many organizations. Delegation Manager makes it faster and easier for teams to selectively grant permissions only to the groups that need them, improving overall security posture and reducing the risk of ACL-based attacks.

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