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Everything starts with an ID and password. First thing you need to recover is credentials to do any other type of recovery.

Kerry Kilker Former CISO | Walmart
The new, Old target

If Active Directory isn’t secure, nothing is.

For more than 90% of enterprises, Active Directory is the primary source of trust for identity and access. But it’s also the cyber kill chain’s weakest linkꟷexploited in virtually every modern attack. And since AD extends to the cloud, any tampering can cause a ripple effect across the entire identity infrastructure.

#1 New Target
for Attackers
& Wipers
Prone to

Integrity and availability.

Active Directory is the Achilles' heel of enterprise security. Not only does it hold the keys to the kingdomꟷit’s a treasure map for attackers. If AD is encrypted or wiped out, business comes to a screeching halt. Semperis delivers comprehensive threat mitigation and cyber resilience for AD. You get layered defense across the entire identity attack lifecycleꟷbefore, during, and after an attack.

  • Identify
  • Test Cyber Preparedness
  • Harden
  • Protect Sensitive Accounts
  • Detect
    Advanced Attacks
  • Orchestrate
    Incident Response
  • Investigate
    Forensic Data
  • Recover from Catastrophes
Identify Exposures

Discover vulnerabilities before attackers do

Continuously scan Active Directory to uncover security vulnerabilities and risky configurations. Receive prioritized, action-oriented guidance to fix existing and new weak spots before they are exploited.

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Test cyber preparedness

Validate your backup and recovery processes

Prove out your Active Directory disaster recovery plan with regular testing in an exact replica of your production environment. Identify gaps, implement technology and process improvements, and validate effectiveness.

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Harden defenses

Stay ahead of ever-evolving threats

Proactively harden your Active Directory against new adversary tactics and techniques with built-in threat intelligence from a community of security researchers. Continuously monitor for indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Reduce your attack surface and track improvement over time.

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Protect sensitive accounts

Insulate business-critical systems

Protect sensitive accounts in Active Directory around-the-clock with autonomous rollback of object changes that are too risky to wait for human intervention. Prevent intruders and rogue administrators from stealing the crown jewels.

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Detect advanced attacks

Expose blind spots in the audit log

Shine a spotlight on attackers moving laterally through your network unchecked. Use multiple data sources, including the Active Directory replication stream, to gain uninterrupted visibility into advanced attacks that SIEM systems and other monitoring tools are blind to.

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Orchestrate incident response

Arm security analysts with actionable insights

Augment your security team with real-time Active Directory threat notifications, contextual enrichment, and auto-remediation. Translate unstructured change data into a human-readable format. Reduce noise in your SIEM system, quickly connect the dots, and stop attacks in progress.

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Investigate forensic data

Reveal attack paths

Easily search, correlate, and undo Active Directory changes at the object and attribute level. Drill down to any point in time to isolate compromised accounts. Understand exactly how your AD was compromised and take corrective action to eliminate backdoors.

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Recover from Catastrophes

Empower cyber-first disaster recovery

Fully automate the Active Directory forest recovery process to avoid human errors, cut downtime by 90% or more, and eliminate the risk of malware reinfection. Recover even if domain controllers are encrypted or wiped.

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10X faster forest recovery. Learn More
Active directory forest recovery

The cyber-first approach to disaster recovery.

In a scorched-earth cyber disaster, you need to successfully recover Active Directory before anything else can come back online. Our patented technology automates the entire forest recovery process, eliminates malware, and recovers anywhere—even to the cloud.

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disaster recovery:

Recover AD even if domain controllers are infected or wiped out.


Restore AD to alternate hardware—virtual or physical—on premises or in the cloud.


Eliminate reintroduction of malware from system-state and bare-metal backups.


Automate the entire forest recovery process and reduce downtime by 10X.

Take back the keys
to your kingdom.
Our Mission

Semperis: A force for good.

As cybersecurity leaders, we are all on the front lines of a new war—one that has virtually no boundaries and does not play by any rules. We believe that cyber resilience is the convergence of information security and business continuity. A force for good. We empower organizations to safely embrace digital transformation against the backdrop of escalating cyberattacks. We remove barriers for our clients, who have important work to do—whether that’s building a business, saving lives, serving citizens, or discovering the next big thing.

About Us

The world's biggest brands trust Semperis.

We protect the world’s largest and most complex environments—including government agencies and Global 2000 companies—from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors.

Case Study

Prime Healthcare Slashes AD Disaster Recovery Time with Semperis ADFR

"Cyberattacks have affected every industry, but in healthcare, the stakes are higher. With Semperis, our Active Directory recovery time improved dramatically. It changed from weeks to hours."

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Battle Tested 54,967,674 Identities Protected
Active Directory is the ‘Achilles’ heel’ for enterprise security programs. Semperis is offering a timely solution considering that AD has been at the center of many widespread and business-crippling attacks in recent years.
Christina Richmond Program Vice President, Security Services at IDC
Semperis is a mission-driven company uniquely positioned to not only help organizations prevent costly downtime, but also to curb the funding of evil. When organizations can say ‘no’ to blackmail and ransom demands, we’re all safer.
Edward Amoroso Founder and CEO at TAG Cyber
The Semperis platform helped El AI reach a point where we are sure that we can overcome any Active Directory outage.
Deputy Director of Infrastructure EI AI Airlines
Semperis has unmatched experience in breach preparedness and incident response to Active Directory and other identity-based cyberattacks. Semperis' solution-based approach focuses not only on their premier technology to meet customer challenges but also best practices and guidance for people and processes, setting them apart from their competitors.
Sarah Pavlak Frost & Sullivan Industry Principal
“Semperis was able to backup and restore AD insanely quickly. During our testing, we were able to back up and restore our Active Directory within 20 minutes to a completely different data center with minimal downtime. During a normal backup scenario, that could take 24-36 hours.”
Paul Ladd AMOCO Federal Credit Union VP of Information Systems & Technology
"Cyberattacks have affected every industry, but in healthcare, the stakes are higher. With Semperis, our Active Directory recovery time improved dramatically. It changed from weeks to hours."
David Yancey Prime Healthcare Senior Systems Engineer
Industry Honors

We help our customers be heroes.

Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces 2022
2022 Cyber Security Excellence Awards
CRN Cloud 100
Identity Access Management Award
Deloitte Fast 500 2022
Semperis Lands in the Top 3% of the 2021 Inc. 5000
Gartner Peer Insights

With the addition of DSP Intelligence, Semperis further establishes DSP as the industry’s most comprehensive AD threat detection and response platform.

The continuous security assessment capabilities now available in DSP Intelligence address the skyrocketing proliferation of cyberattacks—including the infamous SolarWinds supply-chain attack and the Hafnium attack on Microsoft Exchange—that target identity systems, especially Active Directory.