Secure Your Hybrid Identity Environment

Gain a complete picture of the risk exposure for your entire identity environment—both Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

Recent attacks, including the SolarWinds exploit, have shown that a compromise of on-premises Active Directory can have harsh security consequences in cloud-based Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Rarely are Active Directory teams equipped to detect and remediate indicators of exposure (IOEs) or indicators of compromise (IOCs) on Azure AD, and often Azure AD practitioners do not have the Active Directory visibility or expertise necessary to thwart attacks that start there.

As much as enterprises desire to move to the cloud, the reality is that most will be operating in a hybrid identity scenario for the foreseeable future. Abandoning on-premises assets for a wholesale shift to the cloud simply isn’t feasible. Consequently, the move to the cloud is more of an evolution than a revolution. Unfortunately, key aspects of securing a hybrid identity system are often overlooked.

Operating in a hybrid identity scenario usually involves disparate teams securing Active Directory and Azure AD with separate tools and processes. Hybrid environments also have extremely complex threat landscapes, with hidden interrelations and a glaring lack of visibility into the security implications on-premises Active Directory has on Azure AD, and vice versa.


Simplify the protection of hybrid identity environments with Directory Services Protector for Azure Active Directory

Defend against cyberattacks with a complete view of hybrid-identity security risks

The optimal approach to securing a hybrid AD environment:

  • Provides a single view of IOEs and IOCs in both on-premises Active Directory and cloud-based Azure AD, from within one tool
  • Generates a risk profile, mapped to appropriate frameworks (such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework) and regulations for the entire hybrid Active Directory environment
  • Simplifies the process of configuring security settings and remediating unwanted changes easy for both Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Fully automates, optimizes, and specializes Active Directory and Azure AD recovery after a cyberattack
  • Proactively and perpetually assesses the hybrid Active Directory security stance to combat subsequent attacks
  • Easily plugs into and enhances your enterprise security and governance program

“Taking a hybrid identity approach requires dealing with a much broader permission model. To do so effectively, organizations must establish strong governance—putting security first is always a must.”

Doug Davis | Senior Product Manager

Learn how to secure your hybrid AD environment

“Great product for peace of mind when protecting your Active Directory.” 

—Microsoft Systems Engineer, Infrastructure & Operations, $500M+ Services Company 

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