Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) is one of the most talked-about security trends this year. Why? Because your identity systems—Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD for most organizations—are a Tier 0 asset that hold the keys to all your IT and business operations. That makes AD a juicy target for cyberattacks.

Where is your hybrid AD environment most vulnerable? You don’t have to break your cybersecurity budget to get the answers. The Purple Knight family comprises free AD and Azure AD security assessment tools developed by Semperis identity security experts. This webinar introduces the most common AD security vulnerabilities and provides insights into how you can use free Purple Knight tools to quickly prioritize what to tackle first.

Ran Harel, Senior Director of Security Product Management at Semperis, has more than 15 years of security experience including pen-testing, SecOps, and risk-and-compliance management at global financial institutions. Recently, Ran has held leading product roles at a global cybersecurity vendor and two acquired startups.