Identity Crisis: Securing Your Zero Trust Foundation from Cyber Threats

Active Directory (AD) is the heart of many organizations’ information systems. Used for identity management by 90% of businesses, this 20-year-old technology is increasingly under attack by cyber criminals who can use AD to gain access to your network—and your data.

Today, cyber weaponization is everywhere, and an “extinction event” is a genuine threat, with no respect for geographic boundaries. But with the right planning and tools, you can quickly recover AD—and the critical business operations that rely on it—following a ransomware attack.

Presented by 15-time Microsoft MVP and identity security expert Sean Deuby (Semperis Director of Client Services), this session will cover:

  • Recent cyberattacks that have targeted AD, the primary source of identity and access trust for 90% of enterprises
  • Why AD is the cyber kill chain’s weakest link—exploited in virtually every modern attack
  • How “cyber-first” disaster recovery technologies can automate recovery of complex systems, facilitate recovery to the cloud, and eliminate the risk of reinfection from system state and bare-metal backups

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from hybrid identity expert Sean Deuby about how to protect your AD environment—and your business—from cyber disasters.

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