Why should identity threat detection and response (ITDR) take center stage in your organization’s disaster recovery plan? How can an identity-first security strategy help CISOs balance risk while prioritizing operational and cyber resilience?

“When somebody comes at you … you have the means by which you can understand what’s happening, you can respond to that, you can recover from that. That’s resilience.”

Chris Inglis

In this video, Semperis CISO James Doggett talks with Chris Inglis, who previously served as the United States’ first National Cyber Director and as Deputy Director of the National Security Agency and is a current Strategic Advisor to Semperis.

“Companies or governments who leave on the proverbial Friday night…but leave their systems on and assume those systems are perfect and safe and will be in the same condition on Monday morning are always surprised…. That lack of vigilance across that weekend…or night off is an opportunity for a transgressor who knows no time off.”

Chris Inglis

Chris and Jim discuss:

  • The prevalence of cyberattacks that target Active Directory
  • Why protecting the identity infrastructure is such a vital part of managing risk and boosting cyber resilience
  • Why continuous, automated Active Directory protection is an integral part of an effective ITDR solution

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