Hybrid Identity Protection with Denis Ontiveros Merlo

By Sean Deuby August 09, 2022 | General

Security architectures depend on identity—the “new security boundary.” Yet despite investment in identity and attempts to drive a sustainable identity culture, significant security breaches and friction still exist, given competing priorities and views on value. In this session of the HIP Podcast, originally recorded during a Hybrid Identity Protection Conference, I chat with Denis Ontiveros Merlo, VP Developer & Identity Platforms at bp, about the challenges of creating a sustainable, scalable identity culture.

Scaling hybrid identity protection

Is the identity profession designing products that promote the right user behavior? By using behavioral economics and heuristics—rules of thumb or mental shortcuts to make a quick decision—are we focusing on the wrong problems and reinforcing cognitive bias?

“We can have hundreds if not thousands of customers within the enterprise,” he says. “It’s clear the future is very federated or distributed.… Identity is the front door.”

Scaling identity management—and security—to meet the needs of the modern IT enterprise requires the ability to scale. Yet biases when adopting technology can create what Denis calls “anti-patterns” that complicate our ability to implement best practices in operational identity.

Listen in to discover examples of these anti-patterns and how to improve the scalability of your identity security and management approach.

What is the Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast?

Launched in April 2020, the HIP Podcast is the premier podcast for cybersecurity pros charged with defending hybrid identity environments. In each episode, I interview some of the industry’s most knowledgeable—and interesting—experts.

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