With access to Active Directory, Azure AD (now Entra ID), and Okta threat actors can gain dominance over your entire infrastructure.

Unleash Purple Knight—a free AD, Azure AD, and Okta security assessment tool built by identity security experts—to close security gaps that leave your hybrid AD environment open to cyberattackers.

  • 10,000+ downloads (and counting!)
  • 150+ security indicators
  • 45% attack surface reduction

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AD, Azure AD (now Entra ID), and Okta security report card with scores across seven categories 150+ pre- and post- attack security indicators for AD, Azure AD, and Okta Community-driven updates from our expert team of threat researchers Prioritized guidance for closing security gaps from AD, Azure AD and Okta security experts Correlation with MITRE ATT&CK, MITRE D3FEND, ANSSI, and other frameworks

Uncover your AD, Azure AD (now Entra ID), and Okta security vulnerabilities in minutes.

  1. Spot Active Directory vulnerabilities before attackers do. Find AD, Azure AD, and Okta security gaps with Purple Knight. Perform a comprehensive set of tests against the most common and effective attack vectors to find risky configurations and security vulnerabilities.
  2. Prioritize AD, Azure AD, and Okta security gaps for remediation. Gain visibility into your hybrid AD security posture with the Purple Knight report. See your AD, Azure AD, and Okta security scores in seven categories, plus get prescriptive guidance from identity security experts to help you prioritize remediation efforts.
  3. Fix AD, Azure AD, and Okta security vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. Use Purple Knight’s prioritized, expert guidance to systematically address AD, Azure AD, and Okta misconfigurations and unpatched vulnerabilities—for example, admin accounts with old passwords and enabled admin accounts that are inactive.
  4. Validate hybrid AD security posture over time. Run Purple Knight periodically to guard against misconfigurations that can accumulate over time and degrade hybrid AD environment security if left unchecked. Use the results to align your security strategy with industry frameworks including MITRE ATT&CK, MITRE D3FEND, and ANSSI.

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Purple Knight scans your Active Directory, Azure Active Directory (now Entra ID), and Okta environment and generates a security score based on indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs) across seven categories.

Use 150+ security indicators to uncover vulnerabilities in AD, Azure AD (now Entra ID), and Okta

Purple Knight scans for known vulnerabilities and emerging threats discovered by our team of expert identity threat researchers.

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Indicators of exposure (IOEs) Scan your hybrid AD environment to uncover risky configurations that attackers can easily exploit. Indicators of compromise (IOCs) Shine a light on evidence of compromise, which can signal an in-progress cyberattack in your AD, Azure AD, and Okta environment.

Purple Knight has given us insight into the network that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s an invaluable resource!

John Hallenberger
Systems Administrator,
Fox C-6 Schools (Arnold, MO)