Active Directory is a core part of most organizations’ identity infrastructure. Yet many AD environments are showing their age. Decades of tech debt, configuration creep, and changing security best practices have expanded the AD attack surface. Whether you want to simplify AD management or improve identity security, modernizing Active Directory is a critical step.

In this webinar, Semperis Senior Solutions Architect Doug Davis provides top tips for streamlining and securing the modernization process to reduce the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and improve the operational efficiency of your Active Directory environment. You’ll learn:

  • Why Active Directory modernization is a vital step for optimal identity security.
  • How cyber threats take advantage of outdated AD implementations.
  • How to avoid common migration-related vulnerabilities that often occur in the wake of corporate mergers and acquisitions.
  • How to solve some of the biggest challenges to AD modernization.


  • Doug Davis, Semperis, Senior Solutions Architect
  • Annie Schwarzrack, Redmond Mag