The cybersecurity industry is not at a loss when it comes to cheesy castle analogies or quoting Sun Tzu whenever it gets the chance (keys to the kingdom, crown jewels, the art of war), you name it we’ve butchered it. But what if we took some time to look at the whole medieval warfare a little differently, ARE there actually lessons we CAN learn from all those who’ve gone before? Do we have something to use today that was true on the battlefield of yesteryear?

I’d argue that taking some time to studying the techniques used by the Vikings, Mongols, Huns, and so on IS something we want to do. From an adversarial perspective, as well as those charged with defending the enterprise and those most prized digital assets, we CAN learn something from our hairy war-mongering ancestors.

Throughout the ages we’ve spent time, effort and plenty of money defending our castles from all manner of intruders, and arguably with each passing year new tactics, weapons and techniques were (and continue to be) employed against our efforts…unfortunately, often to good effect despite our best efforts.

Join our Hacker in Residence, Chris Roberts, and Semperis VP of Products Darren Mar-Elia for an unconventional workshop where they’ll chat about new and emerging cyberattacks without actually talking about “cyber” at all.