Cybersecurity strategies tend to focus on external threats. But insider threats are on the rise, increasing by 44% over the past two years. Whether caused by employee negligence or malicious intent, insider-related incidents incur an average cost of $484,931 per event, posing a serious risk to your business. Can your organization identify the vulnerabilities that lead to insider abuse?

In this on-demand webinar, Semperis Chief Architect Gil Kirkpatrick discusses today’s insider threats. You’ll learn:

  • Why Active Directory (AD) security is key to combatting insider abuse
  • Which types of AD weaknesses inside attacks exploit—and how to spot them
  • How to monitor for indicators of compromise (IOCs) that can reveal an in-progress attack
  • How to quickly recover AD if necessary
  • How to use post-breach forensics to close backdoors left by malicious insiders

Gil Kirkpatrick, Chief Architect at Semperis, is a long-time veteran of the commercial software industry and has focused on identity and access management (IAM) products since the early 1990s. He has held technology leadership roles at HTS, NetPro, Quest Software, and ViewDS Identity Solutions, and is known as the founder of the Directory Experts Conference (later renamed The Experts Conference).

Gil is the author of Active Directory Programming, the original reference book for developers working with Active Directory (AD). He has been nominated as a Microsoft MVP for Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility for each of the past 15 years.