Securing Hybrid Active Directory Environments

A Practical Guide to Closing Security Gaps in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

Despite strategic plans to move to the cloud, most organizations have embraced a hybrid cloud journey—deploying the optimal mix of on-premises assets and cloud services for their needs. But with that flexibility comes complexity—especially in protecting hybrid Active Directory environments from cyberattackers.

Securing Active Directory requires a different approach from securing Azure Active Directory: The tools, processes, and threats are different. Because of a lack of skillsets and legacy implementations, organizations struggle to effectively close security gaps in a hybrid AD environment—and cybercriminals are taking advantage of those vulnerabilities. Attackers are targeting hybrid Active Directory environments with increasing frequency, often using weak spots in on-premises Active Directory as an entry point, then moving to the cloud environment—as in the SolarWinds attack.

In this whitepaper, Semperis Senior Product Manager Doug Davis discusses the challenges of protecting a hybrid Active Directory environment and offers practical guidance for improving overall security posture.

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