In a cyber disaster, you must recover Active Directory before you can recover your business. But only one in five organizations have a tested plan in place for recovering AD after a cyberattack. This is alarming given the spike of ransomware attacks and the widespread impact of an AD outage.

The requirements for AD recovery have changed. In addition to protecting against traditional data issues such as rogue scripts, organizations must now be able to quickly recover if some or all AD domain controllers are encrypted or completely wiped out. However, traditional backup methods don’t adequately address ransomware scenarios where the domain controller’s underlying malware-infected operating system can’t be trusted. Considering that cyber disasters now strike more frequently and inflict more business damage than natural disasters, it’s time to think “cyber-first”.

Cyber-first requirements for AD recovery:

  • Fully automate AD forest recovery
  • Restore AD to any hardware (virtual or physical)
  • Regain control of a compromised AD
  • Ensure the integrity of highly sensitive AD forests