Organizations across every industry are failing to address Active Directory (AD) security gaps that can leave them open to cyberattacks, according to results from a survey of IT and security leaders who have deployed the Purple Knight free AD security assessment tool in their environments.

Key findings of the report:

  1. Organizations are failing to adequately secure AD environments primarily because they lack visibility into risky configurations.
  2. Large organizations fare the worst because of legacy applications and complex environments.
  3. Lack of in-house AD expertise hampers AD hygiene efforts, particularly in small businesses or vertical markets with fewer resources.
  4. Purple Knight assessment reports are prompting IT and security teams to act quickly to mitigate critical AD security gaps in their organizations.
  5. Organizations are seizing the opportunity to improve security processes, organizational structure, and strategy to shore up their defenses against AD attacks.

The Purple Knight AD security assessment is helping IT and security teams take action to improve overall security, including addressing AD misconfigurations, changing structure and processes to improve overall security posture, and facilitating conversations between IT and security teams.

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