Cyberattacks are the most critical threat facing modern information technology. Most attacks start with identity compromise. For the past quarter century, identity in the enterprise has been synonymous with Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Therefore, AD is almost always involved in a cyberattack—either as the target or as a route to the target.

Join Rob Ingenthron, Senior Solutions Architect at Semperis, for a review of the top vulnerabilities we encounter in AD, how to mitigate them with free tools, and the complications of AD recovery.

  • Discover the most common AD vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Learn why AD is the cyber kill chain’s weakest link, exploited in virtually every modern attack
  • See how new cyber-first disaster recovery technologies automate the recovery of complex systems, facilitate recovery to the cloud, and eliminate the risk of reinfection from system state and bare-metal backups
  • Learn how to use free tools to reduce your AD attack surface