Active Directory (AD) is used by 90% of organizations for database management. This technology is the major vector in virtually all attacks aimed at gaining access to your network and data.

Today, cyber weaponry is everywhere, posing a genuine threat regardless of critical industries or geographical boundaries. However, with proper planning and the right tools, you can swiftly recover AD and the critical operations dependent on it in the aftermath of a ransomware attack.

Training Objectives: 

  • Reduce risks of cyberattacks
  • Understand how AD works
  • Recover your data after a cyberattack


Roger Ouellet, Director of Security Practice with NOVIPRO

Alexandra Weaver, Senior Solution Architect with Semperis

Alexandra “Alix” Weaver has 20 years’ experience supporting Active Directory in a wide variety of organizations, from government to some of the world’s best-known companies. Alix supported the Bureau of Land Management’s Active Directory for eight years, as well as supporting Intel’s worldwide corporate and manufacturing forests and Nike’s worldwide production forest. Active Directory is her first tech passion, and she enjoys deep diving into it as associated technologies continue to evolve.