Ransomware and other cyber threats targeting the public sector are on the rise. Today’s attackers often have a common focus: infiltrating your identity systems, typically Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD (now Entra ID) for most organizations. An identity breach can lead to data theft, malware insertion, and ransomware attacks that can shut down the entire network—and your operations.

Protecting the identity perimeter requires an understanding of the vulnerabilities that attackers target. Join this expert panel discussion to learn:

  • How today’s enterprises use AD and Azure AD (now Entra ID)
  • The ways in which operational resilience depends on Active Directory
  • Why AD is a prime target of identity threats
  • Why a hybrid AD security and recovery strategy is pivotal to your cybersecurity
  • How to boost AD security as quickly as possible


  • James Doggett, Semperis CISO
  • Sean Deuby, Semperis Principal Technologist
  • Luke Kane, Semperis Senior Solution Architect/Team Lead