It’s no surprise that directory services, particularly Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD), have become a prime target for attackers. Since AD is rarely safeguarded effectively, attackers have come to depend on weak configurations to identify attack paths, access privileged credentials, and get a foothold into target networks. Garrett Bekker, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, covers the challenges of securing hybrid identity systems in a recent report.   

 “Semperis has come to market with several products that provide what it calls ‘identity driven’ cyber resilience that can help detect, protect and recover from attacks against AD (and Azure AD) across hybrid environments.” 

 Download the report to learn: 

  • Why Active Directory is a prime target for attackers now more than ever 
  • Strategies to protect multiple directories in hybrid environments  
  • How Semperis customers benefit from the industry’s most complete hybrid AD protection