As cyber-attacks increasingly target Active Directory as an initial entry point, the role of AD engineers and architects is rapidly expanding to include security responsibilities. At the same time that AD engineers must secure access to cloud applications, they must also guard against attackers that take advantage of AD configuration errors and Windows vulnerabilities, target user credentials, and try to maintain persistence in on-premises systems. CISOs and other technology leaders are recognizing the need to facilitate cooperation between security and identity teams to ensure secure user access in the age of cloud computing and an increasingly remote workforce. And AD experts should expect to take a more active role in security discussions.

Join Semperis Chief Architect Gil Kirkpatrick and Solutions Architect Luke Kane as they discusses how AD engineers and architects can expand their roles and add value to the company by focusing on developing and implementing a strategy to ensure that AD is secure from malicious intruders.

What you’ll learn in this session:

  • How recent cyberattacks are using Active Directory’s weak points to gain access to information systems
  • How to stay up-to-date with identity-related security risks
  • How to initiate discussions with security leaders and the C suite to ensure that protecting Active Directory is a core part of the company’s overall security strategy