Organizations are gravitating toward a hybrid identity management model: As cloud adoption increases, the ability to manage both on-premises and cloud access is a business requirement. For most companies, leveraging the cloud means integrating with Azure Active Directory (AAD). But integrating on-premises Active Directory with AAD authentication requires a different mindset, and failure to understand some of the key differences can open organizations to security risks.

In this webinar, Semperis Senior Product Manager Doug Davis will discuss the top three security considerations when shifting to a hybrid identity model: 1) implementing a new authentication model, 2) the extension of the perimeter, and 3) significant changes to the permission model. This session will help AD architects understand the security risks inherent in a hybrid identity management rollout.

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • How to choose and implement the optimal authentication model for your environment, including use cases for Azure AD Connect
  • Factors to consider in securing the expanded entry points in a hybrid identity environment
  • How to establish the appropriate permissions model for Azure AD, taking into consideration SaaS services that have been linked to AAD