The adoption of cloud-based applications and remote workforces is rapidly changing the threat landscape, and security leaders have been preparing. But no one could have predicted a global pandemic to dramatically accelerate digital transformation and force businesses to adapt literally overnight. In this time of exceptional turbulence, it’s even more critical to come together as a community of peers and exchange ideas.

Join this conversation with our panel of security experts as they challenge yesteryear’s best practices and push towards a safer tomorrow.

You’ll hear from industry CISOs, each bringing unique perspectives, challenges, and solutions to the table. The panel includes:

  • Limor Kessem | CISO, CISM, IBM Security
  • James Azar | CISO, Confidential
  • Evan Francen | CEO and co-Founder, FRSecure
  • Chris Roberts | Hacker in Residence at Semperis