Semperis and SDM Software aligned their offering in a strategic partnership that will allow to increase Active Directory protection and transform the process in which organizations protect enterprise identity


Semperis, the leader in Active Directory and cloud directory services protection and recovery, and SDM Software, the premier provider of Group Policy compliance, auditing, and reporting, announced today that they are partnering on several co-marketing and go-to-market initiatives. The partnership aims to answer growing needs to increase Active Directory protection and to revolutionize the process in which organizations protect enterprise identity on-premises, on cloud, or in hybrid environments. The offering brought about by the partnership of the two industry leaders will provide customers with complete technology solutions for Windows identity and infrastructure management.

The partnership will enable enterprises an unprecedented level of Active Directory protection by offering a combination of the most advanced solutions for AD monitoring and recovery and Group Policy management and automation. Among the solutions are SDM Software’s product for GPO management: Group Policy Modernization (Reporting and Migration), Automation (the world’s only Group Policy SDK), Auditing (real-time Group Policy change auditing and attestation) and Compliance (endpoint compliance and security configuration reporting). Semperis’ offering includes: Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery™ (ADFR) can restore an entire Active Directory Forest using internal system intelligence to understand the exact schematic make-up of a Forest. In cases of AD disaster, ADFR can automatically orchestrate the recovery process. Semperis Active Directory State Manager™ is unique in providing real time collection of events with the highest level of data integrity by combining log inspection with AD queries. This enables IT professionals to compare any two AD states and revert to past states within seconds when Object and Attribute Recovery is needed.

“We are excited to start realizing the potential of this great partnership with SDM Software, which provides best-in-class GPO solutions. This partnership will make IT and security departments’ work easier and more cost effective, while significantly increasing enterprise identity security.” said Mickey Bresman, Semperis CEO and Co-Founder. “Because the reliance on Active Directory for everyday business activities keeps growing, which means less tolerance for errors that may cause downtime, the timing couldn’t be better. And to address the increase in cyber-attacks targeting Active Directory, we will help organizations stay a step ahead of the game on the security protection field.”

Darren Mar-Elia, CTO and Founder of SDM Software, added “I’m very happy to be partnering with Semperis in delivering world-class identity, configuration and security solutions to Microsoft infrastructure customers. Semperis takes AD management to the next level and provides a very complimentary story to our own Group Policy modernization work. Together we can provide customers with best-of-breed solutions for securing and managing their Active Directory environments.”

About SDM Software: SDM Software—founded in 2006 by well-known Microsoft infrastructure expert Darren Mar-Elia—provides Windows Group Policy management and security solutions for over 400 customers worldwide, and 1000s more using our GPOGUY freeware tools.