Diagnostics collection.


                The Diagnostics service collects diagnostics data from various sources, saves them in a local DB and, if authorized, uploads them to Semperis on a daily basis.


Privacy declaration:

                In compliance with GDPR no private data or Identifying information is collected.

                To insure the privacy and anonymity of your data we have taken the following steps:

                                * All user created content is hashed. this includes:

  1. DB Names.
  2. Forest Name.
  3. Rule Names.

                                * No Identifying information is collected.

                                * Users can review the data collected any time.

                                * Upload consent can be changed at any time.


Diagnostics Data:

                * Various performance counters from the sql server hosting the DBs.

                * Usage and fragmentation data on DB indexes.

                * Information on staging tables.

                * Usage and timing statistics for stored procedures.

                * Row count and space usage for DB tables.

                * Information on the running server such as: OS version, system drive size and free space, memory size and CPU info.

                * Information on Semperis services running in the system such as: Name, Start time, Memory usage and thread count.

                * Scale of environment such as: Number of Domains per forest, Number of Domain Controllers per forest, Semperis versions for installed Semperis Agents.

                * Complexity of usage such as: Number of groups per rule, Maximum DCs per distribution point and offset distribution.