Active Directory is the heart of many organizations’ information systems: It’s used for identity management by 90 percent of businesses. But this 20-year-old technology is increasingly under attack by cyber-criminals who use AD to gain access to your network–and your data. Recent incidents like the Hafnium attack on Microsoft Exchange have highlighted the urgent need for the ability to properly restore an Active Directory Forest (without re-introducing malware) and to constantly monitor for well-known vulnerabilities. What you’ll learn:

  • Essentials of restoring an AD forest after a cyber-attack
  • How cybercriminals can compromise your environment with well-known vulnerabilities such as zerologon and weak service account passwords (used for kerberoasting)
  • How to scan your AD environment for indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Speaker bio: Jacquie Young, VP Sales APAC:

Jacquie has worked in the technology industry for over 26 years, with 14 years focused on channels and sales leadership across Asia Pacific. She now leads the APAC Sales organization for Semperis, having led APAC channels for six years prior to joining Semperis at both Tenable and Nokia. Earlier in her career she worked with Cisco for seven years in sales and strategy roles, and for six years also consulted to partners and tech vendors across APAC helping with their strategic business planning.

Jacquie prides herself in being extremely data driven, creating a structured plan for aspect of the business and tracking execution. She believes strongly in bringing in extremely capable people to the business and giving them the leadership, they need to know where the organization needs to go, as well as the freedom to succeed with their own brand as well.