Securing Active Directory and protecting digital identities are becoming increasingly important.

HEILBRONN / FRANKFURT, 2 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Semperis, specializing in the protection of digital identities by securing Active Directory, today announced a partnership with the IT consulting company cirosec. The aim of the cooperation is to raise awareness among companies and other organizations of the increasing misuse of digital identities and to put a stop to this by professionally securing Active Directory environments.

Cirosec GmbH was founded in 2002 by an experienced team of experts from the IT security industry and has since specialized in information security in large companies. The cirosec portfolio includes pentests & audits, incident response, and forensics as well as the selection and implementation of products and solutions for customers.

“Our security experts have carried out around 3,500 projects so far and have their finger on the pulse of the times. We see that in many companies the protection of digital identities in the security mix often does not have the importance that it should actually have. This is increasingly taking advantage of attackers who are increasingly throwing themselves into insufficiently secured Active Directory environments, ”reports Managing Director Stefan Strobel. “This is where Semperis comes into play, who will support us as a partner and technology supplier in this demanding field of activity in the future.”

Semperis has developed a patented technology specifically for backing up Active Directory and thus protects over 40 million identities from cyber attacks and other risks worldwide. The solutions from Semperis detect weak points in directories, intercept ongoing cyber attacks and enable companies, for example after ransomware attacks or other incidents, to be able to act quickly and permanently.

“Our partners cirosec has always relied on a best-of-breed approach for particularly demanding and sensitive tasks in the field of cybersecurity – be it for the cloud, endpoint security or even Active Directory,” explains Oliver Keizers, Sales Director at Semperis. “The company also attaches great importance to individual advice to its customers, many of whom come from the DAX30. This is also increasingly important because the market for cybersecurity solutions is becoming increasingly confusing. Even large companies are increasingly dependent on external expertise when it comes to finding the right solution for a specific security challenge. “

In order to help companies to determine their respective level of security in the matter of Active Directory, Semperis recently published the free security assessment tool Purple Knight. Companies can use it to securely scan their Microsoft Active Directory environment to identify dangerous misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities. Developed by Microsoft identity experts, the tool detects indicators of threats and compromises in Active Directory environments and provides instructions on how to close security gaps.

“The increasing spread of hybrid infrastructures is also increasingly creating hybrid digital identities. Often the classic local Active Directory accounts and their counterparts for Azure environments. With the home office boom, Covid-19 provided another big push here, ”reports Stefan Strobel. “With Semperis, we will be able to offer our customers the security they need here in the future, which has become simply indispensable in a modern IT environment.”

Both companies are also planning a joint trade fair appearance at this year’s ITSA in Nuremberg.