Oliver Keizers

Guido Grillenmeier, Semperis Chief Technologist, will contribute a presentation, “Combating an ongoing attack on an identity system,” at the 18th German IT Security Congress, an event hosted by the German Federal Office for Information Security. The 18th German IT Security Congress is a high-profile event over two days with rigorously selected speakers from government, business, academia and civil society on current trends and perspectives in IT security.

Grillenmeier’s session is scheduled for February 2 at 9:45 am and will be streamed live online. Registration is open at https://meetyoo.live/register/1/bsi-it-sicherheitskongress-2022.

Grillenmeier, an Active Directory expert with direct experience helping organizations respond to identity-related cyberattacks, will describe in his presentation the steps to defusing an in-progress attack, based on his recent experience.

Early in 2021, attackers penetrated the identity system of a global enterprise. In doing so, they used Active Directory as an entry point to escalate privileges and inject malware, as is becoming increasingly common. Grillenmeier was part of the team tasked with helping the company recover from the breach in real time. In the process, he was able to see firsthand how attacks on identity systems play out—and gain some valuable insights into how to effectively respond to ongoing attacks.

The event host, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is a German higher federal authority in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, based in Bonn, responsible for IT security in general. The BSI’s mission statement is: “As the federal cyber security authority, the BSI shapes information security in digitalization through prevention, detection and response for the state, the economy and society.” In this role, the BSI helps promote and advance information and cyber security for the German economy and state.

In addition to the BSI presentation, Grillenmeier has presented and written several articles about recovering from Active Directory cyberattacks, including:

Grillenmeier is also the co-author, with Semperis Chief Architect Gil Kirkpatrick, of the whitepaper about AD disaster recovery, “Does Your Active Directory Disaster Recovery Plan Cover Cyberattacks?