How to Defend Against Password Spray Attacks

View this webinar and learn the five of the top things you can do to protect yourself and your AD from some of these kinds of attacks, and how you can ensure that only the right people are performing actions within your Active Directory.

Protecting your Active Directory from Accidental and Malicious Threats with Semperis

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how changes to AD, both accidental and targeted, can impact both infrastructure security and application availability for on-prem and cloud resources. Discover how Semperis’ DS Protector for AD can help you keep ahead of these mishaps and even prevent inadvertent changes from ruining your whole day.

Picking the right type of solution for Active Directory Backup and Restore

In this webinar, Microsoft MVPs Sander Berkouwer and Darren Mar-Elia discuss proper backups for Active Directory Domain Controllers. They will be sharing what solutions are on the market today to perform backups and how to pick the Active Directory Domain Controllers solution that serves as the foundation of your restore ambitions.

5 Step Survival Guide for Recovering Active Directory From a Ransomware Attack

In this webinar, Tomasz Onyszko, Guy Teverovsky, and Darren Mar-Elia will be discussing their real-life experiences of navigating the complications of ransomware attacks and will share best practices as to how you could recover your environment in a disaster.