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Our Directory Services Experts are pioneers in identity-driven, enterprise protection technology. They work closely with Enterprise customers, provide the critical solutions and strategies that ensure quick recovery from on-premise cyber breaches and Directory Services failures. Our experts are best-in-class, contribute to thought leadership, and possess superior insight, comprehensive AD knowledge and laser troubleshooting skills. Their genuine care for customer IT environments and identity integrity makes them deep listeners, great collaborators and team players, consummate observers and critical contributors as they execute technology to support client missions.
Nathan O'bryanConsultant, MCSMLab

Nathan is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging and a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services with 25 years of experience in the field. Nathan is an active contributor to the Exchange and Office 365 communities by writing articles for several tech websites and his own blog. He also can be seen speaking at IT conferences including IT/DEV Connections, Microsoft Ignite, Collab365, and in frequent webcast for Redmond magazine

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Sean DeubySenior Identity Architect, Edgile

Sean Deuby is an identity architect for Edgile, Inc., where he focuses on enterprise cloud identity and Active Directory solutions. Previously, Sean covered identity topics in his role as Technical Director and analyst for Windows IT Pro, where he has over 250 published articles. Sean has spent many years in enterprise IT organizations; he was the design engineer of the IT directory services team for Intel Corporation, and one of the original architects of the company’s corporate Active Directory. Sean was also technical lead and a principal architect of Texas Instruments’ original worldwide enterprise Windows NT network. A veteran public speaker, Sean has presented sessions from TechEd to Cloud Identity Summit. He has been awarded directory services Most Valuable Professional status by Microsoft every year since 2004

webinarHow to Defend Against Password Spray Attacks

In our last webinar, Darren Mar-Elia demonstrated attacks on Active Directory that left participants seriously questioning the state of their AD security. Why is that? Because Active Directory has become a prime target for malicious attackers who are leveraging new, sophisticated methods to compromise your environment.

View this webinar and learn the five of the top things you can do to protect yourself and your AD from some of these kinds of attacks, and how you can ensure that only the right people are performing actions within your Active Directory.

whitepaperRetake Control of Attribute Synchronization to Azure AD

With Azure AD Connect, synchronizing directory data from on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory is both easy and efficient. But while simple to configure, keeping the default settings might leave you more exposed than your security and regulation practices allow.

Azure AD domain, OU, app and attribute filtering allow organizations to synchronize only a handful of attributes to minimize the exposure of personally identifiable information in this setup. So, why wouldn’t you use it?

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Sander BerkouwerChief Technology Officer, SCCT BV

Sander Berkouwer is an IT Professional and has been a Microsoft MVP in Directory Services for the past eight years. He works as senior identity consultant at SCCT in the Netherlands, where he helps colleagues and customers make the most out of Microsoft products, strategies and technologies. Sander blogs almost daily about Active Directory, his favorite Microsoft technology.

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Darren Mar-EliaHead of Product, Semperis

A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions. Prior to launching SDM, Darren held senior infrastructure architecture roles in Fortune 500 companies and was also the CTO of Quest Software. As a Microsoft MVP, Darren has contributed to numerous publications on Windows networks, Active Directory and Group Policy, and was a Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine for 20 years.

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