Top 6 Considerations for Choosing an Active Directory Disaster Recovery Solution

Most IT departments have no issue admitting the high importance of a highly available Active Directory. It’s become clear that while Active Directory downtime is rare, when it does happen, it’s devastatingly costly. Most modern enterprises live and die by their identity infrastructure, and Active Directory is primarily at the core of that infrastructure. And […]

Active Directory as A Target: Why AD Defense Is More Critical Than Ever

We can start with the obvious. Active Directory is the cornerstone of an increasing number of business functionalities, and every year more work hinges on stable AD operability. AD access is also a gateway to a lot of your organization’s information. It’s known that there is no such thing as an attack-proof organization, and according […]

Thinking The Unthinkable: Do You Have An Active Directory Forest Recovery Plan?

If you want to make an Active Directory administrator uncomfortable, ask them about their recovery plan. When you ask this question, many AD admins will instead tell you about their object recovery plan. Some will describe their domain controller recovery procedures. But if you press further to ask if they’ve built a plan to deal […]