Maintaining Information Security Compliance Through Active Directory Services

Now more than ever, technology and compliance teams need to work together to protect the integrity of their organizations. Sensitive information is stored and transferred in digital form and associated regulations are becoming increasingly strict and complex. While compliance is responsible for identifying the regulations which pertain to information security, technology teams must identify and […]

How to Crack an Active Directory Password in 5 Minutes or Less

The massive Equifax data breach compromised sensitive information for roughly 143MM people and is a sobering reminder that security flaws still exist in most organizations. The fact is that most enterprises use Active Directory as the cornerstone of their IT systems and, while AD can be configured in a very secure way, it runs on […]

The Importance of Auditing your Active Directory Services: Part 1

This blog series addresses why Active Directory auditing is necessary, deep dives into auditing methodology and suggests best practices for comprehensive AD auditing. Who Moved My Object and Other AD Mysteries Active Directory was created to simplify identity services in the enterprise, and ease the lives of sys admins everywhere, but lack of visibility into […]